Monday, September 20


“JV” is used in Affiliate Marketing to refer to a “joint venture”, or selling someone’s products or services in exchange for a commission. Though the arrangement can be made one-on-one, usually the partnership or agreement to sell or promote someone’s product is handled through a site like ClickBank, JVZoo, or WarriorPlus. These sites handle tracking the sale, paying commissions, reporting earnings, handling sales customer service like requests for returns or payment processing problems.

The “JV” will need to advertise the product or service using a unique to him/her affiliate URL, which has an affiliate name or code so the referral or sale tracks back to her/his actions and placement of the affiliate link. If they meet the terms of the agreement between the product producer and the affiliate, then the affiliate is paid a commission on the sale. Each affiliate is allowed to add bonuses, other products or services, to his offering of the original offering to entice customers to buy from him. Usually, though not always, the affiliate will use his mailing list, articles, or paid ads to bring potential customers to his offer or landing page.

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