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Many people believe in luck, especially bad luck. “It’s just my dumb luck.” We use this statement when something undesired befalls us and we need a reason. “My team hasn’t been lucky in years.” We also use luck to explain repeated failure, to divert from any issues with the team or leadership, thus making it more comfortable for us to ‘keep the faith’ with our team.

Research today is reporting our mindset — way of thinking, attitude, faith, self confidence — determines what is brought into our experiences. This is true for a single life, or for fans about their team. Shawn Achor writes about the frame we chose to view life events dictates how we function in that event.

For example: If the salesperson lets the spilled coffee and less than delightful comments he or she encounters create a change his mindset to one of failure or worry about making quota, then writes a sales letter or reaches out to another prospect, he lessens his chances to make the sale. If instead, she takes time to refresh his mind for success, strengthens confidence, fill his coffee cup, then writes the letter or reaches out to another prospect, she heightens getting to “yes” sooner. Likewise, if the quarterback focuses on the mistakes or mishaps of the first quarter, he is ensuring mishaps will continue and he may endure an injury. However, if he shakes off these events, focuses on the goal at hand and his teammates, he is more likely to score and turnaround the energy of the game.

It takes self-control and a strong belief in yourself and the goal. You must come to the understanding that you can’t afford the luxury of a negative thought, or person. It is what you believe in your innermost self, your heart, that informs energy to attract or defray events and outcomes. When you truly believe in yourself and your abilities then when you come upon a glass half full (or any challenge) you see it for the possibilities it offers. You have some of its contents with room for more. Are you just lucky? Or did you chose the frame or mindset to view the glass for what it can offer instead what was missing?

“What the mind of man can conceive, and believe, he can achieve.”Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill

There is an old New Thought saying that goes, “What the mind of man can conceive, and believe, he can achieve.” This is the choice you make, and since the choice is yours, so is the control. That is the best part of realizing luck is really a positive, attracting mindset — or a negative, limiting mindset — that you control!

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