Friday, October 15


Today is New Year Eve 2019, slipping into 2020. Besides the bubbles and fireworks, most of use are doing a bit of inner reflection about our goals and how profitable they have been. Do you stay in the stable job or try to build your own business? If so, is it a brick and mortar lashed to a physical location; limiting customer draw. Maybe it should be some kind of website or Internet business — selling others’ products or developing your own. Maybe it is time to expand the brick and mortar business to the online world community through a commerce site, shipping and social media marketing.

Many start with a blog website, a place you can talk about your products, offer tips and insights, and gradually start monetizing the site. Most blogs run on “WordPress“, have a dedicated domain [e.g. “], sometimes is free with one year of hosting, and is usually the first place to collect sign-ups for your list. Hosting accounts that use c-panel has Softaculous App Installer include WordPress under blogs and can be self installed. Since you might not be comfortable registering your domain with your hosting account provider, you can register your domains with any registrar. I like NameCheap, but there are many good registrars; just know what you’re purchasing. NameCheap is now including 50 SSL Positive Certificates with all new hosting accounts. Check out NameCheap here.

Security is very important not only for your site and the data it has to protect, but for all the other shared hosting accounts on the same server. If one account is flagged as violating security, the firewall can block the whole server/IP. Depending on the violation some processes will work and only certain traffic is blocked, or the whole IP can be flagged by another share hosting customer’s activity blacklisting all on the server. However, to start a business I don’t recommend a dedicated IP since start-up costs need to be inline with initial traffic and sales. (See article on Business Plans).

Search engines also are requiring SSL and security to get to the top of the search results today. If you have been blogging and would like more information on blogging and monetizing your site, I offer two suggestions: 1) check this site often for updates, better subscribe to the email list or like our social media pages @saleandsuccessonline; 2) I suggest you watch John Thornhill’s Partnership to Success seminar. Sign up and watch today.

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